I was born in a small town in Italy and I moved to London in 2014, since then I focused on my 2 biggest passions: photography and painting. My dream is to travel and tell stories through my photographs, work with artists and share great moments together. I want to work with DOLL because it enables me to be around young and creative young women who share my same passion and speak my same ‘language’. DOLL enables me to express myself and make art in an environment where it is safe to be vulnerable and to share your feelings / emotions.


I am interested in astronomy/astrology, comic books, video games and mafia movies, all of which I find are different forms of art. A lot of what I draw comes from my imagination which is mostly fueled by horror movies, cartoons and coffee.


In the beginning of the DOLL project, when asked what I am grateful for, it came to my attention that through thick and thin I could always turn to my art, the DOLL project has allowed me to acknowledge, explore and thank the art that I so often neglect.