Dream Of Life was a great experience. It really helped me to make a strong connection to my artistic side and motivated me to keep that part of me alive on a daily basis. I discovered a lot of new ideas and realised how art is important in every aspect of life.

It made me feel like more of an artist and boosted my confidence in the art I create. I also met a lot of wonderful people who inspire me and me feel more comfortable with sharing my artistic ideas.


Dream of Life gave me a voice through art, expression and confidence. It helped me find my artistic style by allowing me to experiment. It changed the way I live my everyday life- I now make art every day and gained happiness from the project. REALLY ENJOYED IT

PS Thank you!


Dream Of Life London has been inspirational, personal and fascinating. It has been, for me, a remarkable journey getting to know who I am as a person but also as an artist. The feedback that was given to all of us was positive-something that made me feel proud of what I did. DOLL gave me the opportunity to express my thought and feelings without being afraid to do so.