Dream Of Life worked with a core group of 10 young women aged 14-18 over 6 days, from 26 July to 10th August 2016. The Dream Of Life London Pilot Project enabled young women to build on their artistic skills and meet new people in a safe and friendly environment. A referral process reached out to young women through, schools, colleges, young people services and social care.

Our first project was an amazing success! We were delighted that all of the group described having a positive experience: feeling relaxed and enjoying the opportunity for creative self expression. The amount of work that went into the exhibition was an indication of the commitment within the group to the project.

Several of the participants had experienced a high degree of social isolation prior to the project, due to anxiety, and had indicated on their referral forms that they struggled in groups. These same participants describe a considerable improvement in their ability to communicate as a result of participating on the Dream Of Life London project. 

"Gave me a voice through art."

"Changed the way I live my everyday life - I now make art every day"

“I miss Dream Of Life it was the highlight of my summer”

“It was both fun and relaxing”

“Today was fun and creative”

Project funded by East End Community Foundation and Poplar HARCA Community Grants Programme