A Space To Create - Ceramics : Day 1

The project is an opportunity to develop skills and expression with access to professional art studio and professional materials to really showcase the strong talent within the group.

The theme of the project builds on our previous programme of exploring the importance of having a voice through creativity. We want to inspire a young generation of women by asking questions such as ‘Why is self-expression important? Why Paint? Why clay? Why women? Why now?’

The work produced form the project will be exhibited at Spotlight Creative Youth Centre on July 18th.

The Troy Town studio opened in 2014 and hosted over 60 artists in residence focusing on sculptural approach. working in earthenware and stoneware the studio has different kilns and glazes are mixed at the studio as well.

This was the first session of our extended Dream Of Life programme supporting young artists and we are very happy to have the opportunity to explore ceramic making and develop our skills and ideas into 3D. This unique and valuable opportunity is supported by Create and Poplar Harca. It was the first time anyone in the group had the opportunity to work with clay and we were excited to explore this new and exciting material.

The first session was led by resident ceramicist Emily and the group began the clay journey with a focus on coil building to create a hollow vessel. From there we could begin to sculpt forms such a faces or going more free style for example adding press moulds of shells for texture.

Here is what the group had to say

“It’s kind of a mysterious process, it’s like the clay decides which way to go, I really like it, it feels new and unusual”

“I love the cool temperature of the clay, it’s really soothing “

“I don’t know why clay is so relaxing but it is!”

“I really like how this reminds me of natural objects that I’m interested in”

“I just kind of went with it, I’m not sure what it is, I like it though”

“It’s a really different way of working”

The group discussed plans for next week for a collaborative making session focusing on a ‘Dream (studio) Space’ for the Dream Of Life project. We have the floor plans, we have the ideas, can we work together to realise a 3D model that we hope will bring this dream closer to reality?!


Big thanks to Create for helping organise the ceramics sessions for this programme!