A Space To Create - Painting: Day 2

Amy Sillman was today’s artist for inspiration at the studio session. On the hottest of days, the group braved the sweltering heat to continue with their canvas work.

The plan had been to work on a collaborative canvas but as this involved lots of movement and materials, the group opted to continue working on their individual pieces.

Great progress was made with one painting completed and another very close. The group reflected on how far they had come on their artistic journey: from the first Dream Of Life session, when even a small canvas felt a bit scary, to now effortlessly expanding ideas into a larger format.

One comment was “if you’d have put a canvas this size in front of me on the first project I’d have walked out”.  Now there is clearly a confidence and a sense of "growing into the space",  a feeling that the larger scale is manageable and a fun challenge rather than an over whelming task.

Always the innovators and explorers the group is starting to push the boundaries of what  a canvas  can be,  today we had  painting happening on a leather jacket and a pair of shoes!

“I’ve been wanting to paint on clothes for ages”

We can thank artist and fashion designer Claire Barrow and also artist Mary Rosenberger for kicking off these ideas and it might not belong till we see a Dream Of Lifefashion range so watch this space!

Other comments from the group:

“I really like the inks and iridescent paint”

“It's interesting because I draw so much it’s a different way of thinking but now I’m starting to understand what paint can do, and what’s possible”