A Space To Create - Painting : Day 1

Many of the group encountered painting for the first time on the Dream Of Life core programme and have since accelerated in confidence to be able to work on a large scale.

Painting is a very unique experience that can process all kinds of feelings and thoughts, sometime a whole story will change as we paint, we start of thinking on thing and end will a very new thought, or a sense that something has come to rest. A canvas can be a space to play and a space to feel the impact of actions and intension,its a physical process and a mental process combined.

Creating a canvas can feel very exciting like a whole world is opening up, it makes choices and decision making feel fluid as we learn to trust our inner guidance and intuition.

Here is what the group had to say:

“Working from sketchbook I took the feeling of anger that I had expressed in swirls of red and black. I have a sketchbook where I work out strong emotions until I don't feel them anymore. So this is a big, BIG painting of a tiny drawing transformed, and the feeling is transformed too.”

‘I'm just going with the flow, I just feel more able to go with the flow.”

Sharing personal stories through our painting in a shared space helps me understand how similar we all are, even though it seems we’re different actually we are the same.”

“It's been a really fun weekend.”

“I have to say that it’s soon nice to use good quality pens and paints! Like it really makes a difference, I wish they weren't so expensive.”