A Space To Create - Ceramics: Day 2

Quick discussion and then straight to work! First the slab roller to form the base on which to build, and then drawing into the clay to roughly sketch out the floor plan. We then set to work as a group focusing on different sections to be assembled at the end.

Along the way we discussed and looked at the work of some relevant artists such as Hundertwasser, an artist that felt passionately that art should reflect nature and be in harmony withthe individuality of human beings.

“The common themes in his work utilised bright colours, organic forms, a reconciliation of humans with nature, and a strong individualism, rejecting straight lines.”

We also looked at the artist Grayson Perry’s ‘Dream House’, a large scale installation of a whole house and other artwork that Grayson Perry is currently exhibiting at the Serpentine Gallery and we hope to visit the show soon.

These reference helped to spark our imagination and take the model making into a more playful and surreal interpretation of our Dream Of Life‘Dream Studio’

Here’s was the group had to say:

“I enjoyed the freedom of the space, the feeling of space”

“It’s amazing how much we have developed our clay skills so quickly, from just last week beginning and now a whole model with lots of things standing up!

“I feel like I’m already more confident with using the different tools like the slab roller and extruder”

Next week the group has the opportunity to make an individual art work. Already lots of different drawings in the sketchbooks so will be interesting to see what comes out!