The Sky's The Limit

A Space To Create - Ceramics: Day 3

Today there where less of us in the Ceramics studio. We worked together to finish our abstract sculpture space, but because other team members where not there it was a chance for us to think about their creativity together with ours. We used the scoring technique to put the objects individually created into the collective space.

Whilst we made decisions with finalising our space, the topic of our conversation was psychology: How to read people? Why people exaggerate their difficulties? Why people lie? How far we have come, focussing on the positives.

After we finished our space and left it to dry, we decided to glaze our sculptor coil pots made on the first day. 

We where all looking forward to glazing.

Glazes can be thought of as a glass coating, the texture can be rough, matt, glossy and so on. The colours and textures are made by mixing a formulated powder with water. We where shown a range of glazes we could use and mix together, the glaze will only work properly with 3 or more coats!

The beauty of glazing is that when spreading the mixture onto the dry clay, the colour is not what it will come out like when put through the kiln. For instance; if you want a red, the colour will look pink before firing and orange would look white. Also putting more that one colour onto the same surface is a chemical gamble, it could come out with the colour expected or be the total opposite of what was intended. We really enjoyed not knowing!

Here is what the feedback of the day was:

"It was a really relaxed day, I liked the glazing because you don't know what is going to happen"

"I really enjoyed doing something different, glazing is really exciting"

"Not having an exact way you want it to look, but enjoying the colours given, it becomes your own artistic science experiment!"

We also glazed the other artists work that couldn't make it to the session, again this gave us an opportunity to think about what we know about them and what they would appreciate us giving to their work.

We are looking forward to the final product!