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Having a safe, creative space, to come together to explore dreams, aspirations and identity

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The human super power, that we sometimes forget to use. The most important tool we have to visualise a positive future.


A personal, inner space of memories, experience, feelings, thoughts, a place ready to fill up with inspiration, a space to try on ideas and explore new ways of Being.

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After filling up with inspiration, to begin expressing from this deeper level, whether it is a painting, a drawing, a collage, poetry, or any art form. When something is created from this inner level of focus, no matter what it is, something magical happens, we're so curious to see this part of ourselves, it doesn't occur to us to judge or compare what we've created, we understand on a deep level that what we have made is totally unique, totally individual and because of this it has great value. 


When this moment of recognition happens, a feeling arises within the maker and they begin to consider that if the art work they’ve just made is so unique and clearly has value.

Then maybe they think: I, the maker, also have value, maybe I am special, totally individual and of great value also. This moment sparks a new beginning in the way of relating to the self, when new possibilities open up.

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